Friday, December 26, 2008

New look...

So for the New Year, I asked Patrick (ze Pattez) to change the look here, to blue it down, make it easier on the eyes, remind one of sea or sky or ice or windows in a sleek new building...Thanks, Pat, for the freshening-upping!...(he did the background motif while we were Skypeing).  The title box contains a section of the beautiful Nya Operaen building in Oslo, Norway ... as well as "the Lord has created everything beautiful in its time, and He has placed eternity in their hearts", quote from Ecclesiastes, the Preacher.  I am as struck by man-made beauty as by the Creator's original works!

Well 2008 is winding down like one of those bobbling spinning tops nearing the last revolution, with 2009 beginning in uncertainty and fragility for so many, new perspectives of all kinds, many unforeseen, to add to those whose lives have never been all that sure and solid from day one...From the kitchen table of this little rowhouse on the farthest northeastern edge of Stockholm, with heat and light and family all here, I pray for friends, for this land, for family, for this world, thank the Lord for the grace-gift of a new day, and, looks like, a new year...Hard to imagine what 2oo9 holds in store, here at latitude 58 or elsewhere, new and wonderful things to be sure, with a wide-awake dependency on the God of life for all things, with gratitude...Hope for more peace and joy and light in the darkness for many in Christ!  I want to know Him better, and introduce many to Him, in 2009...



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