Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Så gå då...!

Okej!  Time to get up off the Trettondagensoffa and get gå-ing back to work, down to the City and onto Kungsholmen for some big-time cleaning, painting, throwing away, and enjoying John's stroopvaffels...Gotta get mine and Derek's office space into that neo-post-industrial-Berlin-Tacheles look we want...Viva metal ventilation tubing!

Gotta meet with Synergy friends on our developing arts network to impact society with hope and beauty...Fika with Sam to officially start the Revolution around here...Walk with my Tomaskyrkan friends from one island to their new home on Kungsholmen:  we will sing and praise and pray all across Västerbron, a service with an unbeatable view...Prayer Week...Strategizing with the HOJS-gang on new expressions of the church all over this land...Counsel, advise, mentor, teach, tell jokes, fika, yep!  Holidays are over, let's go...Come on, I know this great place near Hornstull...!


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