Saturday, January 17, 2009

The time of year...

This is that time of year when you enter any café in Stockholm and notice that the place is absolutely jammed, no more seats at certain hours...Of course, everyone, including me, likes coming in out of the cold, for that cappuccino- or latte-fueled fika stop and a bit of conversation...Then you notice that half the people in the seats, on the wall-benches, have no heads:  it is so many down jackets sitting next to their owners, jackets so thick and heavy and non-compressible that they don't just hang on a chair-back, and, hung on the few coat-hooks in the entry, are like small people free-climbing the wall, blocking the corridor...So, actually, only half the people in Kaffekoppen or Fix or Vurma are real (some exceptions)....So that if one insists on occupying that bench-seat by the window under the North Face pile, it pushes a small wave of high-tech fabric upward and outwards, making the whole place that much cozier...I have actually lost a whole kardemummabulle under the Winter-Rea on the next table, and accidentally put on some else's black coat, while simultaneously sweeping clean the other table with my-or someone's-sleeve...The risks of my favorite cafés in January:  it's worth it.


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