Friday, October 23, 2009


I. they caught you right outside the door
Sent some thug with a knife
Because you were on your way to new friends
Because you dared to break away
Tribal clan neighborhood revenge
In the name of honor
In the name of revenge for shame brought
Some twisted sense of justice
Some twisted little minds of cowards
Goon squads with knives and religion
Don't know where they are
Not back in the homeland anyway
Export their honor issues and love of a fight
Love of violence they actually like it
It makes them feel big feel powerful feel in control feel like men
What kind of community is it over there
that sends pathetic clowns with phallic weapons to attack
women on the way to be with friends
with a whole clan-neighborhood and culture who approves the act?

I. there is another community over here who will take care of you receive you love you
You belong to Something bigger called Love
Who speaks freedom to be believe change grow worship live think
Shame revenge and twisted honor nailed to a Persian instrument of execution and torture
To free goons idiots cowards thugs sinners me us all

Friday, October 09, 2009

I am still here...

Well, it has been a while since I was over here on this space, was in another space, dude!...Mostly Facebooking it, but my Facebook page was not, as this one, designed by my son Patrick...I guess I had a few readers over here, now I have like 48 photo albums on Book o' Face. I have trouble remembering to Tweet on Twitter, as if that was at all of the least ultimate importance...
Still here in Stockholm, Sweden, and loving it more all the time, the place, the people (most of them), the work bringing Good News to this land...But I also have a growing interest in helping the Love Revolution in Christ go forward in specific places I have recently spent time in and continually find myself praying/thinking about: Berlin, Oslo, Prague, Nantes, based on real human contacts and new friends in these places, not just my usual enthusiastic wonderment at most every place I have been (Zwolle, Dresden, Luleå, Lübeck) or want to go (Tokyo, Oaxaca, Reykjavık)...And San Francisco is still no.1...

But it's cool, if quite difficult emotionally at times, to have our kids in Santa Cruz, Nantes, and Stockholm simultaneously, and Skype-conference. You don't know how life will turn out looking when you're 52, but it is all grace from God, another year/day/minute! I am still grateful!..