Monday, February 19, 2007

Time to hang...dizzy...

Well, you know I'm a Rickie Lee Jones fan from way back (Wayback, Arizona)...Her music has been a constant part of the Soundtrack of my life and travels, along with others'...I can remember where I was when I was humming the music to Western Slopes or Gravity or driving around with Ghostyhead on in a friend's borrowed car...Now I am hanging at home, not as dizzy as yesterday, but the flu is still hanging on, feeling better...So I'm sitting listening to her newest The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard that I ran out and bought just before the bug bit...Good deal at Record Hunter on St. Eriksgatan, one of my best music spots...I was thinking it would be just fine if she did another jazzy thing with Bill Frisell or another trip-hoppy sequel to Ghostyhead...But this is fine fine stuff here, different once again, obvious spiritual themes, open reflection on Christ's words from Lee Cantelon, on prayer, heaven, the state of the world, fine guitar by Peter Atanasoff, you 'll have to read the anyway, I am just sitting-lying around, blogging on about something so interesting as flu, but this new Rickie Lee album takes me to some great places, among which, for some reason, hot sunny southern California desert- and city-scapes, music for driving across open landscape or motel-suburbia, but also great with my snowy Swedish forest-scape and Stockholm rooftops...driving up to Löfsdalen in the Saab on Friday, I'll bring it with me!...Now, back to major hanging, midday Swedish TV, convalescence...Be well! (photo by Lee Cantelon 2006)

Thursday, February 15, 2007


...i am going out and getting the new rickie lee jones record, like, any second now...

(photo by lee cantelon 2006)

Flying Valentine's Day Patty...

Väsjöbacken 14 02 2007...Patty von Webster in the sky...360s à-go-go, even 540...another trek over to Sollentuna, with almost the whole place to ourselves and a few, film, coffee in the ski outpost café with Discovery Channel on the wall-TV...a sultry -1 C but the local lake can hold a loaded snowmobile...Fantastic day with my son!...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An appeal...

Norra Station, Stockholm, 13 february 2007: On the eve of Valentine's Day, All-Hearts' Day, an urgent appeal...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Göteborg Opera, man...

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Monday, February 05, 2007

God is smiling at me...

When you feel God looking at you
Is he frowning is he smiling is he maybe
Laughing at you or laughing with you
I feel God smiling at me
I imagine his face what it must look like
Sort of giant bright orange ball like the sun
Like those jovial smiling suns in esoteric bookshops
But somehow happier round cheeks and wide smile
Eyes nearly closed with wrinkles in the corners
Bright lines of joy radiating outward happy crow's-feet
Like some people do when they smile
Can't keep their eyes open invades their whole face
Like my friend Steve in France
Like the Coca-Cola Santa Claus from 1961
Like the baby sun on Teletubbies
Like my Aunt Hildur who lives in heaven with Gordon
Who see the same huge bright smiling face
I feel God smiling at me

Feeling overcomes me as this little blue train rolls on to the city
Spruce and birch and granite rock and red and yellow houses
Graffitied bridges shopping centers tunnels water sky
Feel my soul responding my soul smiling back
Inner warm glow answering huge massive love
Transferring outward to face to cheek muscles
Drawing out a smile noticeable by fellow passengers
A smile for no one in particular and for everyone in general
Somehow in this moment I can love everybody
Look out at low December sun and clouds
In orange and grey
Catch a glimpse of the lines in my own face
Seen through the smiling eyes of One who loves me
I feel God smiling at me

This is how it feels
This is how it feels
To know you are loved unconditionally
Eternally perfectly amazingly
Not for what I do how I perform
Not for what I deserve what I earn
Because of who I am
Because of who he is
The One whose shining face breaks into a big wide smile
When I walk into the room

I feel God smiling at me

When you feel God looking at you
Is he smiling?
He is smiling

-stewart, roslagsbanan dec 2006

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Snön kom en gång i tiden...

The long-awaited snow came couple weeks ago, transforming the Åkersberga Golf Course into a winterpark...Sunshine and minus 12 C...perfect!...Time to get on the alpine snow-shoes and head out across the "tundra"...

Still out here...

Wow! A whole month can go by before you, or I, know it!...I'll be back shortly with more from my O-so-fascinating life, but for today, a pink snowscape from a recent weekend in Flen in central Sweden...